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What is a Cord of Firewood?

Originally, a Cord of firewood was a stack of wood that measured four feet high, eight feet long and each piece was four feet in length.
The term facecord, comes from those same 4X8 deminsions and in our case, each piece of wood is 16 - 20 inches in length.

The reason that we don't use the term "rick" is because a rick is different amounts in different parts of the country. In fact, when you look up the word "rick" in the dictionary, when referring to firewood, it will say, "a measurement of wood", without any specific amounts being given.

However, the term, "facecord" is listed as being "a stack of firewood, measuring four feet high and eight feet long, with the length of the wood, being a variable amount."
In our case, we normally cut each piece of wood 16" - 20" in length.


Marketing plays a major role in the terms that we use for various products.

Many of today's customers, instead of buying one or two full cords of firewood each year, will often want just a fraction of that amount.
Quite frankly, it is easier to visualize a half a facecord than it is a fourth of a cord.

The bottom line is that any term that aids in the buying and selling of a good or service, will naturally gain a higher rate of usage.

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